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  1. pierxe-the-veil:

    Of Mice & Men, Austin Carlile

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  2. princekarkat:

    for some reason i thought both of these were the same post and i sat for awhile trying to figure out which ice cream face was the weak bitch

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  3. cheapwineandsixbucks:

    What I managed to get of singing Zack happy birthday.. Lol at Jack at the end “HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN!”

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  4. reminysce:

    I want to grow up and live in a small apartment in new york and have a husky and be with you.

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  5. fabmoment:

    ♡♡ Follow back tons ♡♡


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  7. realitytvgifs:

    Happy Earth Day!

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  8. archangel-bonding:





    where the fuck did all my shoelaces go


    you’re all fucking idiots

    tumblr: where we can have the president of the united states, a gif of supernatural, and the staff swearing and bitching at us all in the same post.

    and it all makes perfect sense

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  9. guldse:

    Blink-182 - Enema of the State LP /500 clear yellow vinyl || Mightier Than Sword 2010

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  10. babyminaj:

    me talking to the boy i like

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